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Never have trouble removing your compression socks again. The new and innovative Sock-eez™ makes it simple and easy to remove those socks without straining a muscle. Great for athletic socks, knee-highs and traditional dress socks too!



Sock-eez™, an assisted daily living dressing aid was developed and designed for those who suffer from Lymphedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Arthritis and Edema. The elderly and the physically challenged also benefit from the use of this remarkable, ergonomic dressing aid that removes the thickest and tightest compression hose with one easy strain free motion.

Sock-eez™ was created out of love for our mom, who suffered a debilitating disease resulting in leg problems requiring strong compression hosiery prescribed for her symptoms of edema. It was soon evident how much of a struggle it was to take these hose off. The improvised methods presented to her by the occupational therapist were ineffective; in fact, many caused painful bruising and even ruined expensive hosiery. Her struggle inspired her son, an artist, to create a simple device that would assist in the daily and tedious task of removing hosiery and socks with independence and ease. While there are several products available to put hose on, a product to remove them did not exist, until now.

Sock-eez, a unique and trouble-free hosiery and sock remover has been designed to ease the pain and frustration for anyone experiencing the difficulty of removing compression hosiery or socks. Benefiting greatly from this remarkable product are people who are unable to easily bend; such as women who are pregnant, the elderly, disabled, post-operative, injured, incapacitated and those with chronic back problems. Sock-eez works equally well removing normal hosiery and sporting socks too, as it is ergonomically designed and easy to use by anyone.

Sock-eez has a smooth and delicate design and will not cause harm to the legs or stocking. Sock-eez™ is versatile and can be used to remove conventional socks as well as the highest grade of compression hosiery. It also works well as a shoehorn.

One of the benefits of the revolutionary, ergonomic design of Sock-eez™, is that the hand always stays in a neutral position, which is palm facing inward. This action maximizes the full strength of the arm.

Sock-eez has a textured handle for better grip and a wrist lanyard to prevent accidental dropping as well as hanging it up for storage.

The overall length is 20” and will fit easily in carryon luggage.

Made of one piece of durable polycarbonate plastic with no pieces to fall off and get lost.

Sock-eez is a patented product and made in America.
Patent D561977 – Patent Pending


“The Sock-eez works very well. Before I got the Sock-eez I put on my first pair of knee hi compression stockings. I was so worried about getting the stockings on. That was easy compared to trying to get them off. I ended up cutting the stockings off. Then I ordered the Sock-eez. It was bigger than I expected & worked very well. I am elderly but I was able to slip the Sock-eez under the stocking while sitting in a chair. One push got the stocking to my ankle. Then I slipped it in again to get it off my foot. This is a great product.”
Rosemarie Dreesmann, Amazon.com
purchased from www.bargainmedical.com

“50 years ago the sock donner was invented in Sweden to put on compression hosiery; it took another 50 years for someone to invent a product to take them off. Congratulations, you did it, this is a wonderful product!”
Fred Sammons, Occupational Therapist
Founder – Sammons Preston

One of our out patients told us, “ Thank you so much for the Sock-eez.
It works wonderful! I would not have been able to return home not having a way to remove my ted socks. Thank you, thank you.”
Sandra Froehling, OTR/L, Director of Rehabilitation
Heritage Rehabilitation Services

“As an OT practitioner I struggled with finding an uncomplicated way to teach my clients how to doff their compression socks. Now as an OT educator,  I am pleased that I am able to introduce the Sock-eez to the occupational therapy students I teach. The Sock-eez is easy to use and more importantly, durable. It is an effective solution for many clients with ADL issues, which makes it an essential tool for students to bring with them to practice.”
Stacy Smallfield, DrOT, OTR/L Associate Professor,
Chair of Admissions,
Department of Occupational Therapy,
The University of South Dakota

“I treat many patients prescribed to wear compression stockings. Their inability to use them independently is a constant concern. If the patient doesn’t have a caregiver the stockings are not used, leading to other medical problems. Sock-eez eliminates all problems of removal because of its unique design, easy to use and teach. I use Sock-eez with a variety of diagnosis from hip replacement, Lymphoedema to arthritic patients with much success. ”
Diana Jane Riggs OTR/ 31 years experience
Providence Home Health Care, Burbank, CA


How to Use Sock-eez

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 20 × 5.75 × 1 in




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